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5 SEO tips to optimize your search engine positioning

Let’s take a look at the 5 SEO tips that help you better index your site in the search engines. Far from being a comprehensive guide (SEO is a fairly complex and evolving discipline), these 5 techniques can help you make a few small changes to your site so that it is better positioned in the engines.


Do not aim the first page of results with these techniques, because SEO techniques take time to bear fruit and these techniques are only a tiny part of what is possible to do in terms of SEO. Engaging an SEO expert can be a very effective and cost-effective solution for any company that wants to position itself. Moreover, according to the firm eMarketer, marketing managers in the United States expect to spend 19.3% of their budget by SEO search engine, while this percentage should increase to 22.8% in 2011.

Here are the 5 SEO techniques at the level of the structure of your website:

1. Structure your URLs correctly

It is important to structure the URLs of your site so that the search engine robots index them more quickly and easily. Indeed, if you are the Canadian Web Hosting and you have 3 main sections in your site: Explore, Learn and Plan, it is important that the URL for each of the pages in these sub-categories is well structured in following these categories. For example, you can just focus on the homepage

2. Rewrite your URLs

An error too often made in some website is to see URLs written this way: This writing does not favor the indexing of your pages in the search engines. It’s better to write your URLs by using your page title or very specific and relevant keywords to the very content of your. You can use a Mod_rewrite module to optimize the writing of your URLs easily.

3. Add content and update your site frequently

Another easy way to improve the indexing of your pages is to update your site frequently. The more often your site is updated, the more search engines will tend to index it to a higher level. In fact, search engines value new content more than content that has not been changed in a long time, so you’ll benefit from updating your site frequently. Having a business blog is a good way to ensure you have recent and frequently updated content for indexing your site. User feedback and frequently written posts provide new content for search engines (provided you maintain your blog of course and add content!).

4. Avoid duplication of content

Another SEO technique to follow is to avoid duplicating your content. Indeed, search engines penalize sites that have duplicated content and do not yet know the difference between the original content and the duplicated content. It is therefore important to ensure that your content is not fully included elsewhere on the web or that you do not have 2 identical pages (for example, on your old domain and your new domain name). The CopyScape site can help you find duplicate content for your website. Most forex trading and casino websites use CopyScape to check for duplicated content.

5. Make sure you have quality links pointing to our site

A common belief about SEO is that the important thing for a website is to have the greatest number of links pointing to our site in order to be well indexed by the search engines. Know that this is wrong. The important thing is not the amount of links pointing to your site, but the quality of these links. By quality, we mean a number of factors including the age of the domain name, the credibility of the site in the search engines, its page rank, etc. In short, be sure to make links partnerships with quality sites that are credible to search engines and not simply aim for the amount of links. In short, this is only a preview of SEO techniques. To find out more, you can visit MOZ, SEMrush or any other SEO company which gives you valuable tips on optimizing your site for search engines. On your side, as a company, are you currently investing in SEO? If no, are you thinking of investing a portion of your marketing budget soon?