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Fine Web Design Tricks Along With the SEO Options

Pagination, ie the distribution of content on different pages, poses great challenges for webmasters and SEOs. Pagination can lead to unwanted effects. There are already numerous solutions for multi-page texts and contributions. But what about multi-page home pages, blogs or category pages?

Pagination is not equal to pagination

First, a short excursion into already discussed solutions for pagination with multi-page texts. In each case, the basic idea is that an object or an article is distributed over several different pages and URLs. However, the individual parts belong to one unit. This one would like to tell Google, Bing and the other search engines. There are two proven ways of doing this: First, using the rel Canonical attribute, or second, using the rel = “next” or rel = “prev” attributes. The latter is quite well described in the official Google blog. Google also provides a detailed video about the solutions:

SEO for pagination on start pages and category pages

However, a very different problem arises for home pages and category pages that span multiple pages. Example: The start page of a blog contains a list of recent blog posts. However, there are more blog posts than can be viewed on the first page. The older contributions are available via pagination. Now you would like to have the following pages, which can be called by pagination, not in the index of the search engines – for the following reason: Because the start page then multiple indexed, and in the worst case for each pagination, duplicate Content. With the Affordable Web Design all these options are needed to be there.

One possible solution is to set the meta-robot tags before the pages are delivered to the browser so that only the first page is set to “index, follow” and the subsequent pages are set to “noindex, follow” . This is the cleanest solution in the case shown. This indexes only the first page. The links on the following pages will still be followed up.

Here’s an example of how to check the URL for a pagination parameter and how to set the robots tag accordingly. This solution is based on Joomla1.5 , but can be implemented in a similar way for other content management systems, unless they already bring a solution to the problem anyway. The changes shown must be inserted in the file html.php. This is located in the directory / libraries / joomla / document / html. The corresponding PHP code looks like this:


if ($paginierung> 0) {

$this->setMetaData(‘robots’, ‘noindex, follow’ );

} else {

$this->setMetaData(‘robots’, ‘index, follow’ );


Explanation: It checks to see if the URL parameter named “start” exists. This is used in Joomla for pagination. If this URL parameter is set, it is a next page, not the first page, and the attribute “noindex, follow” is set. Otherwise, “index, follow” is written.

How Exactly Coolsculpting is Coming Handy Now

Freeze fat – is that possible? The answer to the skeptical to disbelieving question is yes, but it’s not that easy. Although fat cells react much more sensitively to the effects of cold than the rest of the tissue, simply freezing is far from enough to lose weight. The key to the success of cryolipolysis treatment is the specially designed Coolsculpting device.

How can you freeze unwanted fat?

The body tends to put on fat deposits – usually exactly where we least want them. In men, the stomach is often affected, in females; the thighs are the number one problem area. There are many reasons for gaining weight or obesity, and just as many tips for losing weight are circulating here. But usually they help only a little, because the love handles are persistent. One solution is the cryolipolysis treatment. It completely refrains from surgery and saves you not only this effort, but also strict diets and the associated yo-yo effect. The use of the Coolsculpting leads come up with the essential supports now.

 Details on cryolipolysis treatment

So that one can treat the fat by cold, first the body part to be treated is determined, for example abdomen, hips or waist, upper arms,back , thighs or chin area . The patient sets or lies down and bares the affected area of ​​the body. Now the Coolsculpting device is used, based on the study results of Harvard doctors.

The staff puts a gel pad on the skin to protect it

A vacuum applicator is attached to it. With the help of a vacuum, he generates negative pressure and sucks the skin with the fatty tissue into the device.

Intensive cold is then felt, together with a feeling of pressure and pulling as well as a possible tingling sensation.

This is followed by the actual main part of the cryolipolysistreatment: a controlled cooling, so that the fat cells die off and regress in the long run. Depending on the fat level and personal goals, a session lasts for an hour or up to three hours. Meanwhile, it is z. For example, you can just relax and have a quick nap or read, listen to music or even work on your laptop.

Coolsculpting procedure – Cryolipolysis treatment

Advantages of the Coolsculpting method at a glance

Concomitant products are not necessary and pain or serious complaints are not expected in the Kryolipolyse treatment. In rare cases it may come in addition to the swelling and redness to bruising or brief emotion numbness. Unlike surgery, however, it is possible for you to go about your everyday routine after cryolipolysis, saving you time at work. Repeated treatment is possible if you want to freeze a lot of excess fat. Nine out of ten patients showed visible results after the first cryolipolysis treatment. Cold fat reduction is permanent as long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained.